(This picture is not me; it’s just the first thing that came up when I googled “Generic white guy”)

White guy. Black Liberation.

White guy.
I’m a white guy, who has been trying to learn more about Black culture and how to be less of “that white guy” for years and have just recently (as of June 2020) realized I’ve been doing it almost entirely passively. Now, I want to bust my butt to do it intentionally. I want to do it publicly so I can chronicle what I learn, and hopefully share it with others. The point of this project isn’t me and my name, but some folks have mentioned that not knowing who I am makes it harder to share some of the articles with their friends, so I’ve decided to add it. My name is Matt Stauffer.

Black liberation.
When you hear or Google the phrase “Black liberation” you hear it most commonly followed by the word “theology”, so let’s start there.

James Cone is, in most people’s eyes, the founder of Black Liberation Theology. Here’s a bit of him speaking about it: Black Liberation Theology, in its Founder’s Words.

Everything I’ve learned recently about my faith aligns with Black Liberation Theology, so that’s certainly a big piece of this.

But, further, the more I think about what I want and what I want to work for, the more I realize that that’s it. Black liberation. I want Black liberation theology, Black liberation politics, Black liberation spending, Black liberation speeches, Black liberation teaching, Black liberation reading, Black liberation art, Black liberation music. If it has to do with the liberation of Black people, but especially African Americans, from slavery, from Jim Crow, from police violence, from a state sponsored lack of wealth, from inequality access to healthcare, from violence, from oppression, from prejudice, then I’m here for it.

Nothing else matters as much as this.

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