Can America survive if it doesn’t reckon with the legacy of White Supremacy?

I needed a break from Kendi’s “How to Be An Antiracist” (I seldom am able to read books the whole way through at once), so I picked up my first book by James H. Cone, “Black Theology & Black Power”. I haven’t even made it past the introduction, but I’ve already hit a quote thatContinue reading “Can America survive if it doesn’t reckon with the legacy of White Supremacy?”

The White Evangelical church is the sunken place

I recently heard the White Evangelical church described as the “sunken place”, and I can’t get it out of my head. Here are my thoughts. Spoilers ahead for the movie Get Out! In Get Out, a seemingly friendly progressive white family brings Black people out to their house where the wife hypnotizes them. Each hypnotizedContinue reading “The White Evangelical church is the sunken place”

A modern resource! Finally!

I wrote a post last week that’s still sitting in my drafts. I’ve re-written almost every part of it at least a few times, and I’m still unsure about publishing it. I may write more later about all of my fears and concerns around writing these blog posts, about why I started the anonymously, andContinue reading “A modern resource! Finally!”

How I Know Donald Trump is Racist, and Why It Doesn’t Matter

I’ve realized recently that many of my online conversations with conservative friends about race and justice and politics have been derailed when they suggest that Donald Trump’s racism (or, in their eyes, his not being a racist) is a key factor in the conversations around politics and race. When these folks talk about an individualContinue reading “How I Know Donald Trump is Racist, and Why It Doesn’t Matter”

Racial discrimination is not inherently racist

I grew up in a liberal city in the 90s. Color-blindness was the goal for every young white kid. I wrote a letter to the editor in my high school newspaper speaking out against affirmative action. “You’ve told us our entire lives we’re supposed to treat each other like we’re all the same,” I wroteContinue reading “Racial discrimination is not inherently racist”

Criticism of the book “White Fragility”

I’ve seen the book “White Fragility” recommended and at the top of so many people’s justice-related reading lists. I’ve already recommended it to one person when our attempts to talk through the general concept of white people being fragile broke down. But! I haven’t read it. And I’ve started to see bubblings of criticism ariseContinue reading “Criticism of the book “White Fragility””

Can I Say “Black Lives Matter” if I Don’t Agree With the Official Organization?

Every once in a while I’ll hear someone say, “I don’t feel comfortable saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ or putting up BLM signs because I disagree with the organization.” I don’t have any discomfort with the organization, but I also can’t say that I know everything about it, so I was curious to learn what madeContinue reading “Can I Say “Black Lives Matter” if I Don’t Agree With the Official Organization?”

Being an Anti-Racist Ally: A resource

I didn’t start hearing the term “ally” until college, when a girl in my dorm identified herself as an “ally”, meaning, “someone who stands for LGBTQ people and their rights.” On one hand, I appreciate the idea of choosing an identify for oneself. “I am someone who chooses to spends energy, money, and relational capitalContinue reading “Being an Anti-Racist Ally: A resource”

I am not racist or antiracist; I act, speak, or think in racist or antiracist ways

I think the biggest thing that I learned from the first two chapters of how to be an anti-racist by Ibram X Kendi is that there’s no such thing as not racist; you’re either racist or anti-racist in any given action. But the second thing that I learned was that racist and anti-racist or notContinue reading “I am not racist or antiracist; I act, speak, or think in racist or antiracist ways”

Best of Juneteenth: Brittany Packnett Cunningham’s Me & Dad Takeover

Yesterday was Juneteenth, commonly known as “The True Independence Day for African Americans.” This year there seemed to be a collective awakening to the importance of Juneteenth outside of the Black community. Companies, governments, and white folks who’ve never uttered the word suddenly cared deeply about it. Some of it was probably performative, but it’sContinue reading “Best of Juneteenth: Brittany Packnett Cunningham’s Me & Dad Takeover”